About Summer School of Econometrics

The IES Summer School of Econometrics is the first summer school of econometrics in the Western Balkans region. The School gives participants the chance to learn about contemporary issues in econometric theory and practice. It is a successor of the IES Summer School of Economics, a unique education programme in the Region in the last 20 years, that brought together eminent lecturers, young researchers and outstanding students from all over the world.

The IES Summer School of Econometrics 2019 will focus on introductory econometric modeling in STATA econometric package. The School will offer (in Serbian) 12 hours of STATA modeling and 6 hours of ex-cathedra lectures. Participants will learn how to conduct empirical projects, as well as how to analyze and interpret results from other empirical studies. The emphasis is on gaining an intuitive understanding of the principles of econometric analysis and applying them to actual data in economics and other social sciences.


Course Topics

Principles of Econometrics
Linear Regression Model
Nonlinear Regression Model
Panel Data Analysis



  • Application of Candidates: 15.01.2019-15.04.2019 (CV with contact info to be sent to letnja.ekonometrija@ien.bg.ac.rs)
  • Selection of Candidates: 15.04.2019-01.05.2019
  • 20 participants (1 IES laptop-1 participant)


  • 100 € (NBS official middle RSD exchange rate on the payment date)
  • price includes PDF lecture notes, STATA files, IES Certificate of Attendance & refreshments during the coffee breaks
  • payment after the official acceptance to the IES Summer School of Econometrics 2019 (between 01.05.2019-15.06.2019)