Mission and vision

The Institute of Economic Sciences strategy (2017-2020)


The Institute conducts scientifically based research in all areas of economics, primarily business economics, economics of labour and social issues, international economic relations and sustainable development.

  • Internally - to be an attractive place for scientific research;
  • Externally - to provide excellent and relevant research to support economic development.


In the next ten years, the Institute aims to become one of the leading research institutions in the region of Southeast Europe in the field of economics, integrated into the European Research Area.

IES values

  • Freedom to explore and foster creativity and innovation;
  • Respecting the highest scientific standards and ethics in research;
  • Creating a pleasant working atmosphere that stimulates working creativity;
  • Compliance with national priorities in the development of scientific research;
  • Establishing a partnership relationship with the Ministry of education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia
  • Introduction of a reward system according to the work results.

IES strategic goals

  • Successful realisation of the projects of the Ministry and preparation for the new cycle;
  • Raising excellence, improving visibility and accessibility of researchers' work results;
  • Increasing the income of the Institute researchers;
  • Improving the competency for supporting evidence-based policies;
  • Strengthening cooperation with the economy;
  • Increasing the number of joint projects with foreign partners.
Mission and vision