Internal projects

Black Swan in the World Economy 2020
Within the internal projects of the Institute of Economic Sciences, the project "BLACK SWAN IN THE WORLD ECONOMY 2020" was approved for the period April to September 2020. The project aims to analyze the economic effects caused by the COVID 19 pandemic on the Serbian economy. …
Assessment of Digital Literacy of the Working Force in Serbia with the Possible Implications on the Labor Market (DIPSI)
In the period July 2018 - March 2019 Institute of Economic Sciences supported the research "Assessment of Digital Literacy of the Working Force in Serbia with the Possible Implications on the Labor Market" (DIPSI).  Dr Aleksandra Bradić Martinović, Dejana Pavlović, …
Economic aspects of the implementation of sensory gardens in preschool institutions in Serbia
The realization of this project implies a number of research activities, which can be classified into the following groups: Literature review in the various aspects of the design, development and the function of sensory gardens; Collection, processing and analysis of the data …
Center for Professional Education
In order to form a Center for Professional Education within the Institute of Economic Sciences a set of the following activities divided in 3 phases should be undertaken: Pilot educational programs realization. The creation of the educational programs offering provided by …
The National Network of Medium-sized Enterprises – NNME
The National Network of Medium-sized Enterprises is an internal project began in 2016. The main objective of the research is evaluation of economic and financial power of medium-sized enterprises which represent the relevant bearers of economic growth in the Republic of Serbia, as …
Summer School of Econometrics
The IES Summer School of Econometrics is the first summer school of econometrics in the Western Balkans region. The School gives participants the chance to learn about contemporary issues in econometric theory and practice. It is a successor of the IES Summer School of Economics, …
SEE-6 Economic Outlook
SEE-6 Economic Outlook is a biannual publication in English published by the members of the SEEA association from 2015. Publication gives an overview of economic trends and short-term forecasts for the six countries of Southeast Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, …
Evolvent of IES institutional repository e-Books -
In order to develop eBooks repositories, it is necessary to: Perform a plagiarism check for all papers in the repository. Add all papers published by IES researchers in period 2010-2016 (apx. 1000 papers). Adjust the ePrints platform to our needs Enable (if technically …