COST Action CA18215 - “China In Europe Research Network” - the first meeting of the working groups

COST Action CA18215 - “China In Europe Research Network” - the first meeting of the working groups

The first meeting of the Working Groups, as well as the Management Committee (MC) meeting of the COST Action (CA18215), took place on 5 and 6 March 2020 at ISCTE University in Lisbon, Portugal.

Dr Elena Jovicic, MC member and Research Associate at the Institute of Economic Sciences, participated in the work of the first (WG1 - Strategic Sectors and Infrastructure Development) and the third (WG3 - Financial Investments, Services and Speculations) working groups aimed at getting to know each other and networking participants through the presentation of the results of ongoing research, the exchange of ideas and plans related to the areas of working groups' research, together with the establishment of an agenda for the forthcoming period.

Following the working group meetings, there was held a roundtable on "China in Europe - State of the Union?". During the roundtable, the issues of deepening China's economic engagement in Europe and its potential socio-economic, political and geopolitical implications were discussed by the eloquent speakers. Additionally, at the COST Action Management Committee meeting Dr Elena Jovicic, as an MC member and representing the interests of the Republic of Serbia,



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