U cilju praćenja dešavanja u svetskoj ekonomiji, Institut ekonomskih nauka je inicirao otvaranje baze "Medioteka". Cilj "Medioteke" je da široj stručnoj zajednici pruži mogućnost praćenja stavova, mišljenja i stručnih analiza vodećih svetskih i domaćih eksperata, odnosno eminentnih stručnjaka iz oblasti ekonomije.

Na ovom mestu se mogu pronaći linkovi sa prezentacijama vodećih eksperata Svetske banke (World Bank - WB), Međunarodnog monetarnog fonda (International Monetary Fund - IMF), Evropske banke za obnovu i razvoj (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development - IBRD), Organizacije za ekonomsku saradnju i razvoj (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development- OECD), Evropske centralne banke (European Central Bank - ECB) i mnogi drugi.


Confronting Crisis (animated history of IMF's multilateralism) >>>
    A brief animated video about multilateralism and the origins of the IMF.

The seminars which have taken place during the IMF Annual Meetings:

IMF Says Global Recovery in Need of Policy Support >>>
    The IMF's latest World Economic Outlook Update says that the global recovery has continued but at an uneven pace, and that downside risks remain. Continued policy efforts are needed to secure a more robust recovery.

Según el FMI, la recuperación mundial necesita politicas de respaldo >>>
    Según la actualización del informe Perspectivas de la economía mundial, la recuperación mundial ha seguido su curso, pero a ritmo desigual, y persisten los riesgos. Es necesario mantener políticas de respaldo para lograr una recuperación más sólida.

Nigel Chalk, Mission Chief to the U.S., IMFConcerted efforts needed to boost long-term growth in the U.S.>>>
    In its latest assessment of the U.S. economy, the IMF says that the U.S. recovery is gathering steam but managing the exit from zero interest rates and boosting potential growth remain top priorities.

Juan Solé, Departamento del Hemisferio Occidental, FM: Se necesitan esfuerzos concertados para estimular el crecimiento a largo plazo en Estados Unidos >>>
    En su evaluación de la economía estadounidense, el FMI señala que la recuperación de EEEUU está cobrando ímpetu, pero que lo prioritario sigue siendo manejar la salida del nivel cero de las tasas de interés y estimular el crecimiento potencial

IMF 2014 Review of the Euro Area Economy >>>

Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International: Firms Told: Pay Your Fair Share to Reduce Inequality >>>

Paolo Dudine, IMF economist and Massive Open Online Course instructor: IMF Offers Free Economic Training to All >>>

David Dollar, Brookings Institution: The Rise and Rise of Shadow Banking in China:>>>

Bartholomew Armah, UN's Economic Commission for Africa; Africa: Future Bright, If It Does the Right Thing:>>>

David Dollar, Brookings Institution; David Dollar on The Sino Shift >>>

IMF Sees Subdued Growth in Latin America for 2014 (Western Hemisphere Regional Economic Outlook) >>>

Korea's Economic Prospects and Challenges (Korea's Article IV) >>>

Sustaining Asia's Momentum: Time for Vigilance and Reform (Asia and Pacific Regional Economic Outlook) >>>

Africa Set for Faster Growth >>>
     Podcast explaining Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Economic Outlook

World Economic Outlook:

The Europeans Ask the IMF >>>
     In a series of interviews, Europeans asked the IMF about slow growth in Europe, high unemployment, and access to credit for European businesses.

Americans Ask the IMF >>>
     In a series of interviews, Americans asked the IMF about the main challenges facing the U.S. economy: the tepid recovery, the slow decline in unemployment levels and U.S. debt levels.

Los estadounidenses le preguntan al FMI >>>
     En una serie de entrevistas, los estadounidenses preguntaron al FMI sobre los principales desafíos que enfrenta la economía de su país: la floja recuperación, el lento descenso de los niveles de desempleo y los niveles de deuda de Estados Unidos.

Global Growing Pains >>>
     The global economy is growing more slowly than expected, says the IMF in its latest assessment. It's revise growth downwards to 3.1 percent this year, and warns risks are rising in emerging markets.

Remittances Can Act as Drag on Development >>>
     If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who send money abroad to friends and relatives, beware! You may be doing as much harm as good, suggests one IMF economist. Although these remittances can be a lifeline for families, they can also undermine economic growth.

Policy Steps Toward a Full-Speed Global Economy >>>
     Managing Director Christine Lagarde gave a speech at the Brookings Institution's Annual Meetings giving a snapshot of the global economic trends the world is experiencing:

Employment--the New Frontier for Women >>>
     Deputy Managing Director Minouche Shafik participated in a discussion on "Women as a Driver of Economic Growth" at the Peterson Institute for International Economics

In Search of Sweet Liquid Gold >>>
    Many countries create cartels to control the price of important commodities because they want to maximize their income or protect key domestic industries. But the use of cartels is criticized for causing higher prices for consumers. We investigate the pros and cons of cartels through the example of the maple syrup industry