Prof. dr Neila Holland
Statford University
Annapolis, MD 21403, USA
7. jul 2014.

I am happy to let you know that I have seen my full article published in the JWE! The journal edition is very interesting and I enjoyed reading the other articles! Thank you so much. I am sharing this right away with my Dean at Stratford University.

Dr Sead Omerhodžić
5. jul 2014.

Poštovana Profesorice i Urednice,
koristim priliku da Vam se još jednom zahvalim za objavljivanje rada u časopisu "Ekonomska analiza" Inače, Potvrda o prihvatanju rada koju ste mi dostavili u januaru 2014. pomogla mi je prilikom izbora u više naučno-nastavno zvanje.
Dr Narendra K Bishnoi
Chairperson, Economics & Business Analytics
Haryana School of Business and Head, Business Development Group
Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, India
19. jun 2009.

I am really happy to note the way your journal JWE has come up. The quality of papers is also very good.
In fact i have recommended this journal to my collegues.
With regards
Dr Douglass Capogrossi
Akamai University
17. maj 2009

I have reviewed the journal, especially your discussion of the advantaged in online learning for women. These seem an enhancement of the earlier thinking worldwide.
If in the future, I might write an article (with my international colleagues) on the benefits of cross-border higher education programs, I would be pleased.
Kind regards
Dr. K.N.S. Kang
(Director, PCTE Journal of Business Management , Ldh) & Research & Publication Department, PCTE, India
8. maj 2009.

Dear Dr Mirjana,
Thanks a lot. This is a very good publication.

Monique Hayward
7. maj 2009.

That's great, Mirjana. Let me know what topics you'll be covering in your next round of research and I'd be happy to help and contribute.

Prof.dr Uday Kumar
Mangalore University, IIndia
5. maj 2009

Dear Professor Mirjana,
I went through the e-journal and found it interesting. Certainly I went through your paper and I found it unique and interesting. Couple papers it help us to understand women entrepreneurship in some regions of Europe. My invitation to you visit Mangalore stands valid.
Prof. Aneel Karnani
Ross School of Business
The University of Michigan
5. maj 2009

Dear Mirjana,
Congratulations! Interesting and topical. I wish you the best.
Dr Lee Bender
Dr Le Bender has lectured to women business owners and served on education committees. Dr Bender is also working as a co-host in popular American radio program devoted to women
4.maj 2009

Looks great. I see the journal got picked up by Institute of Economic Sciences. Congrats!
Going to twice annually makes sense and everything looks very established and professional. The cover works and the content looks good too!
I look forward to contributing.

Dr Ethné Swartz
Associate Professor
Chair, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department
Silberman College of Business
College at Florham
5. maj 2009 .

Congratulations on your achievement and publishing this journal. Good luck with this endeavor.
Dr Manuela Tvaronaviciene
Associate professor, professor of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Business Management Faculty, Department of Enterprise Economics and Business Management
5. maj 2009.

Thank you very much for including me into your nice journal. It is very professionally prepared and captures interest.
Warmest regards
Dr Ezey Marcel
4.maj 2009

This is a very good publication. The content is good, resourceful and informative. Keep it up and may the lord continue to strengthen your efforts.
Mr Saša Stefanović
4. maj 2009.

Miro čestitam, zaista je sjajno. Još jednom svaka čast, a u nekom od narednih brojeva nadam se da ću i sam dati svoj doprinos njegovom razvoju.
Renáta Vokorokosová
30. april 2009.

Congratulations to your journal about women´s entrepreneurship (JWE).
Best regards
22. april 2009.

Congratulation for your journal.
Dr Antal Szabó
Scientific Director of ERENET
21. april 2009.

Dear ERENET Members,
It is my great pleasure to forward you the first issue of the Journal of Women's Entrepreneurship and Education (JWE) in 2009 published by the Institute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade.
Prof. dr Mirjana Radović-Marković did an excellent job and I congratulate she and all who participate in the compilation of this periodical.
Daniele Mezzana
21. april 2009.

It is a great pleasure to receive this very special issue! We all hope to keep in contact with you and IES as a whole.
Kemi Ibeh
21. april 2009.

Thank you for the Journal. It is very well written and well laid out and I must confess, I never thought I would enjoy writing articles as much as I do writing for JWE.
Ayinla Omolaja Muhammed
21. april 2009.

Thank you very much for the success in this publication (JWE). The performance is great! With kind regards.
Dr Brenda Nelson-Porter
DM, Founder & CEO
21. april 2009.

Thank you very much; this issue looks very nice.