Economic Analysis 2013 (3-4)


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Vol. 46, no. 2013/3-4

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Original scientific papers

Mani Pierre Eric
Mechanisms to Explain FDI Impacts in Less Developed Countries Growth: The Case of the Industrial Development Level in Turkey, Egypt and Morocco - [full article]

Ognjenović Kosovka
How Structural Changes Affect Enterprises’ Expectations about Employment in Serbia? - [full article]

Scientific reviews

Plchová Božena, Baranenko Elena
Reforms of the IMF in the Context of the Global Financial Crisis - [full article]

Balaban Mladenka, Župljanin Slobodan, Andrejević Irena
Global Financial Crisis and Its Effects on European Financial System - [full article]

Tomljanović Marko, Kandžija Tomislav, Kandžija Jelena
Convergence Instruments of Western Balkan Countries-[full article]

Domazet Ivana, Stošić Ivan
Strengthening the Competitiveness of Serbian Economy and the Corporate Market Restructuring - [full article]

Radovanović Bojana
Well-Being – Resorces, Happiness and Capabilities: Theoretical Discussions and the Evidence from the Western Balkans - [full article]

Professional papers

Bradić-Martinović Aleksandra, Ranković Marko, Krsmanović Svetlana
Application of Batch and Automated (STP) Processes in Banking – Case Study Aseba BI - [full article]

Preliminary reports

Benita Maldonado Francisco Javier
Inflation, Market Structure and Globalization. A Sectoral Study for Mexico - [full article]

Alihodžić Almir
Possibility of Applying Regional Diversification in Capital Markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Serbia - [full article]

Gržinić Jasmina, Sučić Čevra Mirela
Competitiveness of Croatian Destinations Through Online Marketing Indicators - [full article]

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