Economic Analysis 2010 (1-2)



Vol.  43, no. 2010/1-2

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Original scientific papers

Matray Myriam
The Upsurgence of Clusters in the Light of Globalization - [full article]

Eros Adrienn
The Analzsis of Long Run Growth Oriented Fiscal Policy - [full article]

Tej Jakub
Economic Assessmnet of Selected Bank Mergers in the Central-East Europe in Comparision with Development Countries - [full article]

Glova Jozef
Matric Theory Application in the Bootstrapping Method for the Term Structure of Interest Rates - [full article]

Horvatova Eva
Method of Banks Valuation-[full article]

Milecová Zuzana
Differences Between Harmonized Indices of Consumer Prices and Consumer Price Indices in Selected Countries - [full article]

Vokorokosová Renatá
Do Minimum Wage Changes Influence Employment? - [full article]

Grabara Janusz, Kot Sebastian
Business Relations in Reverse Logistics Outsourcing - [full article]

Gubik Andrea
Social Aspects in Buyer-Supplier Relationships of SMEs in Hungary - [full article]

Strelecká Zdenka
Competition in Banking Market in Slovakia - [full article]

Scientific reviews

Kotlebova Jana
Future Stance of Currencies in the International Monetary System - [full article]

Koscielniak Helena
Information Resources for Financial Monitoring in Enterprises - [full article]

Pachura Piotr
Innovation Policy Based on Network Paradigm - [full article]

Slusarczyk Beata
Foreign Direct Investment and Global Economic Crisis - [full article]


Lovre Ivan, Perić Mladen 
Book Review: Inflation and Unemployment - [full article]

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