Economic Analysis 2007 (1-2)

ea07 1 2

Vol. 40, no. 2007/1-2 

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Table of Contents 2007/1-2


Jovan Zubović - [full article]
Investing in Human Resources

Original papers

Jadwiga Ziolkowska - [full article]
Agri-Environmental Policy in Poland: Challenges and Evaluation Approaches

Marko Malović - [full article]
Exchange Rate Regimes and Monetary Policies in Emerging Markets: A Showdown for Few Theoretical Misconceptions

Jasmina Gržinić, Aljoša Vitasović - [full article]
The Role of Tourism in the Development of Employment in Istria

Ivan Stošić - [full article]
Results and Problems of Serbian Real Sector Privatization

Besim Ćulahović - [full article]
Globalisation, Global Business and Transnational Corporations

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