The international scientific conference "CHALLENGES OF ECONOMIC SCIENCES IN THE 21st CENTURY" – opened



International Scientific Conference

IES, Belgrade 4-5.December. 2008

4th December

On 4 December on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of IES, the scientific conference was opened by Professor Dejan Erić, PhD, IES Director, Professor Valter Cantino, PhD, Dean of School of Management of the University of Turin (SAA), Professor Stephane Ngomai, PhD, Dean of the Faculty for Law, Political Sciences, Economy and Management, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis and Professor Hasan Hanić, PhD, Dean of BBA.

Upon opening the conference proceeded according to schedule.

The scientific conference was organized by IES and Ministry of Science and Technologica Development of Republic of Serbia in cooperation with Universite Nicé - Sophia Antipolis, Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale (SAA) Universita degli studi di Torino and Belgrade Banking Academy.

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5th December

On the second day, the conference proceeded with presentations by schedule. At the end, the final plenary meeting was held( Professor Jean-Paul Guichard, PhD, Professor Saša Popović, PhD, Professor Antal Szabo, PhD, and Professor Dragan Milinković, PhD, and Jovan Zubović, Msc) gave short reviews of papers and conclusions. Finally Professor Erić, IES Director thanked the participants for their participation and invited them to visit IES and Belgarde again.

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