Macroeconomic Analyses and Prognoses



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Macroeconomic Analysis and Prognoses - MAP


Institute of Economic Sciences
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Belgrade Banking Academy
Faculty for Banking, Finance nad Insurance
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For publishers: Dr. Jovan Zubović and Prof. Dr. Hasan Hanić
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Dejan Erić
Special advisor: Prof. Dr. Hasan Hanić
Research team coordinator: Dr. Marko Malović
Secretary: Duško Bodroža


Institute of Economic Sciences published monthly bulletin called 'Monthly Analyses and Prognoses' or MAP in short from May 1994 to December 2005. In that bulletin research results of the current economic trends and effects of economic policy measures in Serbia were published, as well as short-term forecasts of the most important economic indicators. According to adopted methodology, results of the analysis of all important macroeconomic policies were presented there, as well as macroeconomic aggregates and special indicators such as the following: scope of production, industrial production, agricultural production, service sector, foreign trade relations, credit and monetary sphere, etc.

In mid December 2009, four years after publishing the last issue of the bulletin, the Scientific Committee of the Institute of Economic Sciences, made a decision to start issuing this bulletin again, in cooperation with the Belgrade Banking Academy – Faculty for banking, insurance and finance (whose co-founder is the Institute of Economic Sciences). The bulletin would appear under the old shorten name of MAP and slightly changed name – Macroeconomic Analyses and Prognoses. The bulletin would be published twice a year instead of once a month.

Starting from 'hard' statistical and 'soft' qualitative data, using a model approach in exploring dynamic interdependence of macroeconomic, endogenous and exogenous variables, we would try to assess measures of macroeconomic policy based on impartial economic analyses, as well as their scopes and limitations, to identify key problems and point out possible solutions.

The promotion of the MAP" was held on 18. februara 2010. godine Press Realise