Instructions for authors

General outline

Authors submitting to the JWE are requested to email full paper in English. Pictures, if imported, should be placed separately in the zip file in TIFF, JPG, GIF or CDR format in resolution of 300 dpi.

Manuscripts are blind reviewed with the understanding that they are substantially new and have not been previously published in whole (excluding conference preceding). Publisher has the copyright to all published articles.

Practical guidelines

  1. The length of the manuscript should not exceed 20 pages (including notes, references, appendices, tables, figures, charts, etc.). A paper must be written in English in text processor Microsoft Word, using font Times Roman (size 12), in Latin alphabet, single spacing.
  2. Page setup: A4, margins: top 5,5 cm; bottom 5,2 cm; left 4,1 cm; right 4,1 cm.
  3. Paragraph setup: first line indentation 1 cm, paragraph spacing: before 2 pt and after 2 pt.
  4. Title: left, bold, size 16.
  5. The author's name: last, middle and first name (size 13) without titles. The author's affiliation name of institution, city, state, and country should be together with the author's name (size 11). Behind the name of the first author, a footnote should be inserted containing address and email of the first author.
  6. Abstract: italic, size 10,5, 2 line after the author's name, the maximum length of 250 words. Key words should be 1 line after the abstract up to ten words.
  7.  Avoid endnotes. If they cannot be avoided list them at the end of the manuscript, before the references.
  8. Tables and figures should be numbered (1,2,3 etc.), in italics centred. All tables and figures (drawings) must be black & white.
  9. Structure of the manuscript (only two levels). First heading: left, bold, size 13, before 18 after 12 pt. Second heading: lleft bold, size 12, before 12 after 12 pt.
  10. Reference to articles and books in the text: Give full name (first name, middle initial, and last name) of author(s) and year of publication in the first citation, with page number(s) where appropriate. For example: Glenn Firebaugh (1999) [first reference]; Firebaugh (1999) [subsequently]; Andrea Boltho and Gianni Toniolo (1999) [first reference], Boltho and Toniolo (1999) [subsequently]; Albert Berry, François Bourguignon, and Christian Morrisson (1983) [first reference], Berry, Bourguignon, and Morrisson (1983) [subsequently]. When more than one work by the same author is cited, give the last name of author and year of publication in parentheses for each subsequent citation. When listing a string of references within the text, arrange first in chronological order, then alphabetically within years. If there are four or more authors, refer to the first author, followed by et al. and the year; for example: Stefan Fölster et al. (1998). If there is more than one publication referred to in the same year by the author(s), use the year and a, b, etc. (example: 1997a, b). References to authors in the text must exactly match those in the Reference section.
  11. List of references (in alphabetical order by author' last names) should be at the end of the manuscript. JWE use AEA rules for references.
  12. Abstract should be sent to Editor-in-Chief by e-mail.