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Economic Analysis
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      Publisher: Institute of Economic Sciences

      Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović-Marković

      Publication Frequences: Twice a year

      ISSN 1821-2573, COBISS.SR-ID 169576460

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      Zmaj Jovina 12, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia




infoPublication Ethics of Economic Analysis (EA)

We proudly present you the Journal of "Economic Analysis" an issue of the Institute of Economic Sciences. The journal was first published in 1967. Economic Analysis is semiannual publication, published in printed and electronic form at the internet site of the Institute of Economic Sciences.

The concept of the journal is based on scientific, expert and critical writing of Institute permanent staff, as well as the undergraduate and graduate students of BBA whose scientific research is especially valued. All other authors will go through the procedure of International revision.

The mission of Journal is to present to wider scientific and professional public the results of research made with the expert overview.

Members of the editorial board are experienced members of IEN with over 10 years of experience in editing many different scientific Journals.

International Board of the Journal is made of eminent professors from world universities, who are mostly responsible for reviewing of articles.

All published articles are subject to intenational revision which guarantees high quality and citation level of the journal.

Accepted and blind revised articles are published in English language.

At the beginning of the year, Editorial Board will anounce topics for the current year and make a call for papers.

An author can publish only one paper in a magazine on a year basis. This means that the paper has got positive review from both reviewers and it is recommended for publishing.

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development included Economic Analysis in the list of domestic scientific journals in 2013. The journal is categorized with M52.

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