About us

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At present the Institute has a staff of 37 of whom 30 are professional full-time staff members, 1 run library, documentation and publication services and 6 are employed in the administration and secretariat. According to their specific field of activities the professional staff members are assigned either to one of IES scientific research centers or interdisciplinary project teams (IPT). Beyond the frame of reference of IES scientific research centers, IPT carried out interdisciplinary projects gathering up members of various units as well as joint members (supplemented, where necessary, by outside experts).

Institute is a member of EADI, as well as other international, regional and national scientific organizations and associations.

So, welcome to IES web site. Our slogan is cognoscere est mutare.



The Institute is conducting scientificaly based research in all fields of economic science. Researhc is focusing primarily on business economics, labour economics and social development, international economic relations and sustainable development.

  • Internally – to be attractive job for scientific research
  • Externally – to provide excellent and relevant research as a tool to support economic development


Institut is aiming to become one ov the leading research institutions in the South East Europen region in the field of economic science, fully integrate in European research area within the period of ten years