International scientific conference “Economic Sciences on the Crossroad” on the occassion of 55th anniversary of IES

On 4th December The Insitute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade held the first day of the international scientific conference “Economic Sciences on the Crossroad” on the occassion of 55th anniversary of the Institute. Conference was attended by more than 100 researchers from the WB region, across the Europe and also from Tunisia, Algeria and Russia.



Decembar 4 2013

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In the first day opening session participants had the opportunity to hear:

  • Mr. Dejan Erić, director of the Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade play 
  • Ms Biljana Angelova, Director of Economic institute Skopje, SEEA play 
  • Claude Berthomieu, President of CEMAFI International play 

Plenary session is held after welcome address. Experts are saying interesting information about current economic issues from a variety of areas: Nominal convergence and real exchange rate isalignments in the European Union, Economic integration of Serbia in European Union. Salem Kanoun held presentation about „The sustainability of external adjustment process Tunisia: Lessons for post „Arab Spring“ revolution policies. Pal Belenyesi spoke about „Recent modifications in Hungary´s regulatory framework for water service provision- is efficiency behind the changes“.

During the day, fifty papers were presented in seven sessions.

The sessions were related to the issues of:

  • Financial and Economic crisis
  • Competitiveness
  • Structural changes and Developing countries
  • Financial sector and Public debt
  • Environment, Development and Sustainability
  • Trade and Growth
  • Labour market and Innovation.
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