International scientific conference in Coimbra (I)

International scientific conference titled “Economic Changes in a Time of Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities“ is part of research activities on the IES project, financed by Ministry of Education and Science. The significant number of papers will be presented as a result of extensive research of IES and other partner institutions. The research are performed within the realization of integral and interdisciplinary (No. 47009 European integrations and social and economic changes in Serbian economy on the way to the EU) and fundamental research projects (No. 179015 Challenges and prospects of structural changes in Serbia: Strategic directions for economic development and harmonization with EU requirement).

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On the first day of the conference, organized by Faculty of Economics in Coimbra, Portugal (in cooperation with Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade Banking Academy, CEMAFI International, University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis and GEMF), thirty papers were presented in six parallel sessions. The conference participants were from the various countries – Portugal, Serbia, Luxemburg, Italy, France, Tunisia, Russia, Belarus etc.

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At the end of the first day of scientific conference, management of Faculty of Economics Coimbra (the main organizers of event) held a nice dinner. Serbian delegation representatives were Dejan Erič, Srdjan Režzepagić, Hasan Hanić and Boban Stojanović.

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