Drugi sastanak partnera na projektu VISITUS (HR_RS87)

interreg ipacbc

U okviru projekta INTERREG IPA – CBC Croatia – Serbia ,,Obogaćivanje turističke ponude za slepa i slabovida lica - VISITUS", dana 3.10.2017. godine u Dalju, Hrvatska održan je sastanak projektnog tima.

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 Prvi sastanak partnera na projektu VISITUS (HR_RS87)

interreg ipacbc

Dana 13.09.2017. je održan prvi sastanak partnera na projektu VISITUS (HR_RS87) koji se realizuje u sklopu programa Interreg IPA program prekogranične saradnje Hrvatska - Srbija 2014-2020. Sastanku su prisustvovali predstavnici Općine Erdut iz Hrvatska, Grada Sombora i Instituta ekonomskih nauka. Na sastanku su razmotrene projektne aktivnosti koje su realizovana u periodu od 15.06.2017.

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Otvoreni dan instituta Srbije



Journal Economic Outlook


Third issue of journal SEE-6 Economic Outlook has been published.

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Interreg IPA CBC Programme Croatia - Serbia 2014-2020


In April 2017, The Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) members of the Interreg IPA CBC Programme Croatia – Serbia 2014-2020 have selected for funding project of the Institute of Economic Sciences entitled Enriching tourism offer for persons with visual impairment and blindness (VISITUS). Project VISITUS is one of the 24 projects selected out of 127 applications within the 1st Call for Proposals, one of 6 selected within Priority Axis 3 - Contributing to the development of tourism and preserving cultural and natural heritage.

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Institut ekonomskih nauka u saradnji sa Institutom za ekonomiku poljoprivrede je objavio studiju za potrebe Vlade Srbije, Kancelarije za evropske integracije: "Analiza pravnog i institucionalnog okvira tržišta poljoprivrednog zemljišta, procena ekonomskih efekata liberalizacije tržišta poljoprivrednog zemljišta i preporuke za izmene domaćeg zakonodavnog i institucionalnog okvira i njihovu adekvatnu primenu".

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New monograph "The Directions of Structural Changes in the EU Accession Process"



IES has published a monograph "The directions of structural changes in the EU accession process." It is result of the work of many authors representing a synthesis of extremely topical economic and social issues in Serbia nowadays. Research published under this monograph aimed to both enrich scientific knowledge improve existing state of the Serbian economy, while having wider social, scientific and practical importance for a large number of stakeholders. The editors of this monograph hope that presented publication will encourage a stronger interest within the scientific and professional community for further research on this extremely important topic. The monograph is the result of research performed in the framework of two projects: 47009 (European integrations and social and economic changes in Serbian economy on the way to the EU) and 179015 (Challenges and prospects of structural changes in Serbia: Strategic directions for economic development and harmonization with EU requirements), financed by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.



New journal Nacionalna mreža srednjih preduzeća u Republici Srbiji


The first number of our new journal titled "Nacionalna mreža srednjih preduzeća u Republici Srbiji (NMSP)" was published.
The journal is published once a year in Serbian language.

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Acreditation of the IES

ien akreditovan

On 3 November 2015, the Committee on Accreditation of scientific and research organizations of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development passed the Decision on accreditation of the Institute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade, Zmaj Jovina 12, as a scientific Institute in the field of social sciences - economics, to conduct scientific and research activities, as it meets the requirements of the Law on Scientific and Research Activities.

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National Covent

The National convent on the European Union (NCEU) is a platform that, in the name of the civil society, gathers the working groups that cover the whole negotiation process with the task to, by communicating directly with the national expert teams, assist and improve the national position in the negotiation process of Serbia's accession to the European Union, but also to protect public and general social interest, as well as to control the fulfillment of what we commit to the EU in the negotiation process. The managers of the NCEU working groups from IES are Marko Malović, PhD and Aleksandar Zdravkovic, MA.

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