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Microfinance for SMES From 12-15 November 2014 Sonja Đuričin, PhD, participated in a work shop on “Microfinance for SMEs” in Bucharest, organized by Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS).
Aleksandra Bradić-Martinović, PhD attended CESSDA Expert Workshop Aleksandra Bradić-Martinović, PhD attended on 13-14 November 2014 CESSDA Expert Workshop “CES2014: Research integrity - a digital curation problem?” organized by UK Data Archive, University of Essex, at Colchester, United Kingdom.
Ma Mihajlo Djukic participated at the seminar on academic writing titled "Publish or Perish" Research associate Mihajlo Djukic, MA visited Skopje from 6th to 8th November 2014, where he took part in a seminar “Publish or Perish” focused on problems of publishing academic papers in leading scientific journals. The lectures were given by prof. Simone Baglioni and prof. Ross Campbell from the Glasgow School for Business and Society, Glasgow Caledonian University (UK).
Božo Drašković, PhD, Participated in SASA Scientific Conference On 6 November 2014 a scientific conference: "Mineral resources of nickel in Serbia and the impact on the environment" was held at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA). Professor Božo Drašković presented his paper "Economic aspects of the exploitation of non-renewable resources with a focus on nickel".
Prof. Dr. Radović-Marković was elected Secretary of the EA Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović-Marković attended a lecture given by Prof. Dr. Herman Mauer from the University of Graz - member of the European Academy of Arts in London (EA) on 11.03.2014. The lecture was held on the theme "Science and the future of science" in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art.
Monograph Corporate Restructuring Promotion The promotion of the monograph “Corporate Restructuring”, by professor Dejan Erić and professor Ivan Stošić was held at the 59th International Book Fair in Belgrade. Aside from the promoting authors, the reviewers, a retired professor of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Jovan Todorović and professor Ondrej Jaško from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, also spoke.
A visit to the German Development Institute (DIE) in Bonn During the working visit to Germany, IES Director visited the German Development Institute (Deutsches Institut fur Entwicklungspolitik - DIE). In an interview with the DIE Assistant Director Prof. Imme Scholz the possibilities of cooperation between the two institutions were discussed.
EADI Executive Committee Meeting held The Institute of Economic Sciences (IES) has been a member of European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes – EADI for a number of years. EADI is a network with over 150 institutional members from almost all of Europe. At this year's General Assembly Prof. Dejan Erić was elected member of the Executive Committee as a representative of our country.
Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović-Marković has participated in the international scientific conference From 15-17.October 2014, Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović-Marković has participated in the international scientific conference "Employment, education and entrepreneurship" as ts founder and president.
Delegates from United States and Turkey visited IES Dr. Emili Losa de Siles, Fellow, Center for Law, Economics, and Finance in Visiting Scholar, Comparative & International Law Program - The George Washington University Law School, United States, Prof. Dr. Ugur Demiry and Prof. Dr. Emine Demiray from Anadolu University, Turkey, visited the IES in 14. October 2014.

International Scientific Conference “Comtemporary Trends and Prospects of Economic Recovery“


From 10-11 October 2014, an international scientific conference
Comtemporary Trends and Prospects of Economic Recovery
was held at the Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis. >>>

XVII Summer School of Economics


On Monday 14th July, 2014, XVII Summer School of Economics was officially opened.

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  • teorija_novca_monetarna_politika14

    MALOVIĆ, Marko:
    Teorija novca i monetarna politika u maloj otvorenoj privredi
    Publisher: IES
    210 p.
    ISBN 978-86-89465-13-6
    COBISS.SR-ID 2079155

  • virtual_organisation14Mirjana Radovic Markovic, Vesna Baltezarevic, Radoslav Baltezarevic, Dušan Markovic:
    Virtual Organisation and Motivational Business Management
    Publishers: Alma Mater Europaea - Evropeki Center Maribor and IES
    214 p.
    ISBN 978-961-93493-7-3
    COBISS 274297344
  • deindustrijalizacija_u_srbiji14

    Drašković, Božo, redaktor:
    Deindustrijalizacija u Srbiji
    Mogućnosti revitalizacije industrijskog sektora

  • razvoj_privatnog_sektora14RADOVIĆ-MARKOVIĆ, Mirjana, GROZDANIĆ, Radmila, JEVTIĆ, Goran;
    Razvoj privatnog sektora u zemljama zapadnog Balkana u poredjenju sa EU
    Publishers: IES and Nacionalna agencija za regionalni razvoj
    p. 269
    ISBN 978-86-89465-11-2 (IEN)
    COBISS.SR-ID 204154380

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  • poverty_and_progress
  • persualsive_logistical_negotiation
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