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Two Studies on Young Researchers Were Published IES, the RRPP LCU in Serbia, released two studies on young researchers in social sciences in Serbia, focusing on the topics: Studying abroad and coming back to Serbia and Young researchers engaged at the universities, public research institutes and civil sector organizations.
New Year's Gifts for Children On 26 December 2014 the traditional New Year children gathering of IES and BBA employees took place at IES premises. The youngsters were given New Year gifts from Santa Claus and they enjoyed the New Year's performance which was organized for them.
Promotion of MAP Journal no. 3-4/2014 The IES and BBA promoted on December 25, 2014 a new issue of a well-known publication Macroeconomic Analysis and Prognoses - MAP. Future trends in macroeconomics and current results of the analysis of macroeconomic trends in the economy of Serbia during 2014 are presented in this issue. Also, short analysis of economic consequences of catastrophic flooding which hit our country is presented in this new issue. The main topic of MAP 3-4/2014 is “Short review of the economic and financial aspects of realization of Belgrade Waterfront project".
International Scientific Conference: New Economic Policy Reforms IES and BBA organized a two-day international scientific conference: New Economic Policy Reforms on the occasion of the 10th jubilee of the Belgrade Banking Academy. Professor Hasan Hanić, Dean of the BBA, Professor Dejan Eric presenting the IES and Edward Jakupin, PhD, from the Ministry of Economy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia opened the conference. [December 10 ....]
New Managing Board of the Institute Based on the decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia 24 No. 119-146115 / 2014 from 20.11.2014, on 8 December 2014 the constitutive meeting of the new Managing Board of the Institute of Economic Sciences was held.
Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović Marković visited the Faculty of Engineering Management On December 5, 2014, Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović Marković visited the Faculty of Engineering Management, Alfa University by invitation of its dean Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević. During their meeting they exchanged experiences in the field of research and work in scientific journals.
56 years of IES The 56 years jubilee of the Institute was marked by a joint meeting of the young researchers of the IES and the new Chairman of the Managing Board, Professor Blagoje Paunovic, PhD.
Annual meeting of SKANU On November 28, 2014, Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović-Marković attended the annual meeting of SKANU and in the role of Vice-President of the Academy distributed the awards to the laureates.
Lecture by Marko Malović, PhD On 25 November 2014, in the organization and sponsorship of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Marko Malović, PhD, gave a lecture on the global economic crisis and the direct consequences for the Eurozone and the euro, in front of the selected young members of Serbian political parties gathered for the specialist training programme PolitiKAS.
Ma Aida Hanić attended the international conference on Islamic economics and finance "Sarajevo Islamic Finance and Economics Conference 2014" (SIFEC) Research Assistant ma Aida Hanić visited Sarajevo from 20 to 21st November 2014, where she took part in an international conference entitled "New Challenges for Islamic Economics and Finance Development" which was held in the premises of the Gazi Husrev-begy Library. It was organized by the European Association for Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance in cooperation with partners.

National Convent

The National convent on the European Union (NCEU) is a platform that, in the name of the civil society, gathers the working groups that cover the whole negotiation process with the task to, by communicating directly with the national expert teams, assist and improve the national position in the negotiation process of Serbia's accession to the European Union, but also to protect public and general social interest, as well as to control the fulfillment of what we commit to the EU in the negotiation process. The managers of the NCEU working groups from IES are Marko Malović, PhD and Aleksandar Zdravkovic, MA.

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New Economic Policy Reforms


IES and BBA organized a two-day international scientific conference on:

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